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progressive thoughts and essays

July 5th, 2006

04:04 pm - out east, and still alive
sitting at my father's cousin's house in princeton junction, nj - just got in from philly, where i spent the 4th with their daughter having far too much magic hat #9 & sloe gin.

arrived in camden this past friday to find myself stranded and unable to get ahold of anybody i was planning on touring with. decided it wasn't worth coming out east to not see a single show, so hitched it to a hotel. met with some kind folks there (if you ever happen to read this, thanks again corey, shannon, & jeremy) who listened to my story with open ears, and hooked me up with rides to the first two nights. the camden show was amazing - somehow phil lesh seems to have learned to sing (well, at least better than before) - and trey played w/ the friends for the entire second set, including a wickedly long terrapin. met some randomly beautiful girl, who proceeded to drag me up to the second row. somehow, jumping seats and turnstiles, we made it up there - and spent the show close enough to see the sweat dripping off of phil's wristband.

Set 1: Jam > China Cat Sunflower > The Golden Road, Bird Song, Bartering Lines, All Along The Watchtower*

Set 2: Jam > Terrapin Station * > St. Stephen * > The Eleven * > Rosemary * > Desire * > Rosemary * > Fire On The Mountain * > I Know You Rider*, E: Box Of Rain

Lineup: Phil Lesh (bass & vocals), John Molo (drums), Rob Baracco (keyboards & vocals), Barry Sless (pedal steel), Larry Campbell (guitar), Joan Osborne (vocals), Greg Osby (saxaphone), * Trey Anastasio (guitar & vocals)

trey & mike w/ the duo were alright - although mostly they played new songs, that sounded far too much like trey's solo stuff for my liking. a whole lot of no phish pissed me right off, although there was a little coil tease.

Set 1: Play Pause Stop, Host Across the Potomac, Suskind Hotel, Goodbye Head > Something for Rockets, Drifting, Dragonfly, Spin > Hap-nappy* > Mr. Completely, Tuesday, Seasons, Mud City

Comment: *first time played
Lineup: Trey Anastasio (guitar & vocals), Mike Gordon (bass & vocals), Marco Benevento (keyboards), Joe Russo (drums)

headed back to the days inn with these kids after the show, and crashed out after sharing in their herbs and drinks, and being told to hit them up in the morning if i needed a ride to holmdel.

which i did.

drove across jersey, and ended up in a fucking deluxe beach house in ocean beach. dropped off everything, drained a few quick beers, and headed north for the show. trey, mike, and the duo headlined this night, which was - quite honestly put - pretty fucking lame. they played pretty much the same exact set, and trey's overly-sustained guitar drowned out pretty much everything else. however, phil put on another phenomenal set, and i spent the set breaks nicely dosed, talking to a girl from north jersey who just recently returned from living in southern india. if only these chance meetings would never end.. but i guess that would ruin the novelty of them.

Trey, Mike, & the Duo:
Set 1: Plasma, Drifting, Mud City, Trouble, Goodbye Head > Sleep Again, Get Back, Shine, Suskind Hotel, Coming Up Roses, Host Across The Potomac > Mr. Completely > Dragonfly, Communication Breakdown, E: Tuesday

Set 1: Truckin' * > Cumberland Blues^, Big River^, Staggerlee* > Sugaree

Set 2: Playing in the Band* > Eyes of the World*, Magnolia Mountain, Lovelight*, Help on the Way* > Slipnot* > Franklin's Tower#, E: Going Down the Road Feeling Bad*#

Comment: John Molo (drums), Barry Sless (pedal steel guitar), Joan Osbourne (vocals), Rob Barraco (keyboards & vocals), Phil Lesh (bass & vocals), Larry Campbell (guitars & vocals), *Greg Osby (saxaphone), ^ Mike Gordon (banjo), # Trey Anatasio (guitar & vocals)

Spent all sunday on the beach, drinking more magic hat and swimming in the (really fucking cold) ocean. the kids i was riding with were going to spend another night at their friend's beach-house, and it had already gotten late enough in the day for me to realize i would never make it to Saratoga for sunday's show, so headed up to NYC to visit a friend for the night. had a most relaxing evening watching the yankees/mets game, drinking pbr, and smoking chillums on the rooftop, looking out across the lower-east-side.

monday was hot as shit, made liveable by air-conditioning and vaporizer hits all morning long. finally got ahold of the friend i was planning to tour with, found that he had come down with bronchitis and so had missed the weekend's shows. he had just started on some medication, so we planned to meet up thursday morning, to head to the show in mass (there was a show on monday night in conn, but no ride and the thought of trey headlining again dissuaded me enough to head to princeton, nj instead). so started the break early (no shows on tuesday or wednesday nights, due to a 4th of july break, i guess) - headed down to nj to stay with my father's cousin and his wife. spent monday night here, then drove with them to philly yesterday afternoon to spend the 4th with their daughter in the city. awoke this morning a bit more than groggy, ate some great greasy spoon fare, and caught the train back up to jersey, where i sit now. will try to rest and clean up a bit here, and then heading back on tour tomorrow morning - with the tentative plan being mass>jones-beach(nyc)>ny>ny>pa>vt>oh>in>il. then it'll be the 17th, and i figure i'll be too broke and burned to keep going.

anyhow, time to grab another heineken and smoke a cigarette in the courtyard here.

hit me up if anybody is going to be at any of the midwest phil shows.

or can give me a ride back to kzoo from chicago (the show is the 16th) ^_^

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March 30th, 2006

02:02 pm - sweet!
just got a letter of admission from the university of chicago.

also in the past weeks had received similar letters from the other schools i applied to (bowdoin, colby, & middlebury) - but chicago was def my number one choice.

barring any severe problems with financial aid, that i don't think will arise, looks like i'll be going back to school in the fall, and living in hyde park!
Current Music: dj cheb i sabbah - ganga dev

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March 6th, 2006

09:21 pm - india
just got back, around 19:30 est this evening.

too tired from travelling, etc to write much, but here are some pictures until i'm more alert tomorrow or the next day.

the front gate at my grandparents' place in bangalore where we stayed most of the time

all the houses in the area have rooftops, many with beautiful gardens. i sat up here to smoke cigarettes and read short stories in the early morning sun.

my great-grandfather used to own this whole block of property, right across from the ramakrishna mission. it was mostly sold in the 50's, but my father's cousin still has a flat on the other side of the block.

my dad, outside the ramakrishna mission.

the city of mysore, from the top of chamundi hill

the temple at the top of the hill (unfortunately it wasn't open because of mahashivaratri, however there is an even older shiva temple behind it, that was open and having a shivaratri pooja while we were there)

some of the monkeys who live by the temples

the maharaja of mysore's palace

we stayed one night on the kabini river, next to nagarhole national park. me resting after the bumpy drive.

and some safari pictures

then back to banagalore

Cubbon Park (bangalore is filled with beautiful parks, it's known as "the garden city")

the parliment of karnataka

the outside of a large ganesha temple

the bull temple next to it

a lot of temples in karnataka are made entirely of carved stone

ok that's it for now. time for some food, and then sleep.

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February 21st, 2006

11:33 am - To the east, driver... to the east
In about an hour, I'm heading out to the airport with my father, on our way to India via Frankfurt. Will be there for two weeks, mostly in Bangalore but travelling a bit around as time allows. Borrowed a digi-cam from my sister, so will take a ton of pictures and upload them here as the trip progresses.

Otherwise, have a good couple of weeks!
Current Music: NPR

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December 3rd, 2005

01:22 pm - en masse spiritus, hos mig!
while i haven't been much involved in the planning (i never really am) i guess there is a cocktail party at my house tonight. dress is formal, so pull out your favourite suit and tie. 721 W Walnut for those who don't know.
Current Music: svenska akadamien - täkkande människa

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October 30th, 2005

06:48 pm - forvirret...
i woke up today feeling confused as fuck. i don't really know why, nor about what. just this general, 'what is going on here' type of feeling. hopefully it'll pass by tomorrow. i dunno, though... there are many things that i'm just not quite certain about. maybe it is just the post-gin funk (thanks for the party by the way, dan, et al.), but it doesn't feel like that.


on another note, my roomate mary gave me a tattoo the other day. it turned out very nice, i think... i'll have her touch it up in a few weeks once it is fully healed.

and on a final note, pavement fucking rocks.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: pavement - raft

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October 13th, 2005

10:04 pm - Portland...
I'm sitting in a hotel room in Portland, Maine - drinking The Shipyard IPA and watching tv with my dad.

We arrived here late last night. Today we drove to Brunswick, and visited Bowdoin College. It seems like a pretty nice place. If they offer me a bunch of scholarship money, I might end up there. Then we kept going north, to Colby College. Here I had an interview with some man, which went quite well, and then saw Horacio and Nikolai (if you don't know them, you should!) They are both doing well, and both seem to greatly enjoy school there. We went out to eat and had miscellaneous discussion from Lars von Triers film 'de fem benspænd' to travelling in Cambodia. Damn nice food, and damn nice company.

Tomorrow we'll drive to Vermont, to visit Middlebury College, where I've got another interview scheduled. Also, we'll grab some lunch with Sebas, Anton, Farhan, Beslan, et al... Will be great to see these people again, most of whom I haven't seen in at least 1.5 yrs.

I always get a bit giddy when I see these people I haven't seen in so long. But after 2 minutes, it's like no time has passed, and the talk is as jovial and pleasant as it was sitting outside smokers corner in Flekke.

Ok, another beer, another cigarette, and then some sleep.

See everybody in Kzoo on Saturday.

Everybody else.... come and visit me!

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August 16th, 2005

09:13 am - well that fucking sucks
so. short but bitter, here.

canada won't give me a visa because i have a DUI (drunk-driving) charge on my record. whoops.

now i have to contact university of british columbia and see if they will give me some of the money i already paid them back. or else i'm out 2 grand, not to mention having no place to go to school.

so, i guess i'll get a house in kalamazoo with phil (shields) and justin (hyman) in the upcoming weeks. stay here for a year, and figure out what the hell to do.

at least it's good news for my company?

Current Music: kraftwerk - tour de france

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August 5th, 2005

07:12 pm - back in the zoo
well, arrived earlier today. now i'm planning for a wild evening of eating my mother's wonderful food, smoking too many cigarettes, and probably passing out at around 20:30. whoo hoo! but, anyhow, tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully i'll be less worn out and not too badly jet-lagged. feel free to give me a call at home (629 7241) or on my father's mobile that i'm going to steal for the couple of weeks that i'm home (967 3882) if you want to hang out tomorrow!
Current Music: garcia and grisman

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July 31st, 2005

03:27 pm - i never update this!
sorry for being lazy.

anyhow, i'm all packed and soon to head to the train station. then to københavn, where i'll stay with matias and emil until early friday morning, when i fly back to michigan. then stay there until the end of august, and onwards to vancouver. anyhow, to anybody who is in kbh, see you hopefully this week. to anybody in kzoo, see you next week. and if juliet or derek reads this, see you in vancouver in a month or so!
Current Music: absolutely nothing!

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